Our activity is focused on testing systems in electrical harness industry for 25 years

Creasoft was established in 1992 and its main dedication is the development of test equipment for the automotive industry sector. Creasoft is a global provider of test equipment for automobile wire harness manufacturers.

Our current structure is a engineering company, a staff of engineers working
directly on our products. The rest is distributed on production, purchasing,
administration and proximity technical service.

Currently Creasoft has direct technical support in Europe and indirectly in many other countries where our partners has presence, covering the whole world.

As a wiring harness test systems producer, Creasoft knows that the test boards technological center are the software and the electronics. Creasoft main business is the wire harness test and our target is to continue leading this technology in this small sector and to be a reference on this market.

That’s Creasoft’s proposal

Developing robust systems, with full functionalities and leading technologies is bringing Creasoft to this goal.