Presence Test is a complete clip presence test solution.

The system can work both with wired fixtures and with the RF fixtures (wireless detection system).

It allows splitting the test board in several areas, assigning each area to a workplace or operator. 

  • Clip counter clip: All counterpoint is controlled by software + rack.
  • Basically: It has 1 Led, N Detections and the electrovalve of the lid.
  • Supply Box: Can that contains clips to mount.
  • Integration with HETOS.
  • Multi-language suport.

multi-screen and multi-operator

The multi-screen system allows several test screens simultaneously, in different monitors. The idea is to have a monitor on each workplace of the board and display on each screen the information for the operator that works in that workplace.

The multi-operator system allows you to divide the test board into several virtual areas, assigning each to the closer workplaces.

In this way the test screen is divided according to the number of operators. Therefore, they can work N operators concurrently and the software is responsible for testing and updating the «windows» of each operator with the next clip to insert.


All operators can work at the same time since each one of them has an area assigned to the screen, showing specific instructions for each of the operators working. The standard operation is to show the next clip that they must insert.


  • Possibility of using N monitors and the necessary
  • Full information on screen:
    • Detection points and its current status.
    • Current status of every clip on the test board.
    • Additional info to be added above the clip
  • All the texts that are shown to the operator are
  • All colors are easily configurable.

Software with the latest technology. It allows to easily and quickly edit a test database.

  • Connection to the rack to test programmed points and detection points with a single touch of the probe.
  • Drag&drop feature to assign each clip to each operator in a very easy and fancy way.
  • Export and import the database in Excel format. Easily edit with Excel and import again.

Results system

  • Test time: Start time, total time.
  • Test result: OK / NOK.
  • PN made.
  • Composite items detected at the end of the test (canceled or ok).
  • Items not found at the end of the test.
  • Uncomposed items detected during the test.
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