The screwing stations are a complete solution for screwing control with a robust 3-axis arm. Reliable and compatible with all existing tightening controllers.

The screw control software (NutRunner) is used to perform a tightening in a controlled and safe way.

Main features:

  • 3-axis control arm of own design
  • Sound feedback accelerates production
  • Full operation data log
  • Navigation system: Guide the operator following prefixed steps.
  • KSK software
  • Full integration with Creasoft products.

Compatible with several tightening controllers:

NutRunner EDITOR


The software editor of the test databases allows to configure all the parameters of the screw test in a very visual, easy and intuitive way. To program a new screwing zone, it is only necessary to position the mobile arm in the area and click on a button.

Process statistics


NR2Report is an application that is part of the standard installation of the NutRunner software. It allows to see, in a graphic way, the result of all the nuts screwed during the production process. Includes all types of filters: Date range, Tighten result, P/N, Serial, Cycle, etc… in  addition to calculating the capability statistical parameters: CPK and CMK.

NR2Report also monitors the production process in real time, notifying the operator when the CPK of the last n pieces is lower than the established one. This system avoids a high defective production since a possible problem is detected in its beginnings.

Export options of graphics and results to PDF and Excel.