EV4 Vision System is a powerful vision equipment especially conceived for testing service fuse boxes: fuses, relays and other elements.

After many years of experience, Creasoft has developed the last version of our vision system for fuse boxes.

EV4 has become a system equipped with all the necessary tools to carry out an inspection of surface elements and with a great specialization in fuse boxes.

One of the goals that we have proposed ourselves is to ensure the quality of the test. For this reason, Fusebox vision system provides tools such as the test of sole product, the tables of methods and components usable for all the vision systems and the brands of the database.

The system can be integrated in automatic lines, permitting test without personal intervention.

Fusebox Inspection – EV4 has an accessory to check the height of the components, obtaining very high precision in a very short time of test.


  • Fast test at 5ms per zone.
  • Fast concurrent algorithms.
  • Several lighting with several shots par test.
  • 1 click for programming methods.
  • Traceability System: By real historical images and queryable XML files.
  • ImageLib program to validate formulas with tested images.
  • Full Creasoft products Integration.
  • Excel data Import and Export.
  • Full Multi-language. translatable by Excel Editor

Powerful and versatile formula system contains powerful identification methods of characters (OCR), shapes (Template Matching), color classifications, deformations and dimensions. EV4 is prepared to identify fuse boxes by direct reference or KSK wiring. Fuse box inspection supports different illumination systems to carry out analyses of the image with different physical parameters.

Advanced log system registers all information of the tests done with its parameters, permitting to check the acquired images again.