Harness Electrical Test Open System is a system designed for checking electrical harnesses.

  • Fast test software, working together with our Wire Harness Testers INTE.
  • Very easy and visual user interface. Full list of all the errors found in the harness. Errors list refreshed fastly in a continuous test scan. Errors grouped by Connector.
  • Advanced Error Deduction minimizes error repairing time.
  • Various test terminals within the same system
  • Advanced alarms system, to prevent fault production from its beginnings
  • Full test events log.

This system works under Windows environment. The software allows, with a brief, to check all the errors in a connector.


Various terminals showing different harness errors, increasing the harness production.

The system allows various testing terminals in a test board. Every terminal shows the harness errors closer to that terminal, so operators can work at the same time repairing the errors.

Advanced AI software helps with this process and the operators are not affected with the connector manipulation of other operators.

All this aims to drastically increases the harness production.

All terminals are connected via LAN connection and works autonomously, updating data from server when necessary.

full information on display

The terminal user interface shows error on cavities, cable information, coordinates, and all information required to repair the harness error in the minimum time.

An advanced alarm system, very customizable, allows to decide when specific errors found. For example, when a connector not allowed is detected, the system asks for a supervisor.


The diagnosis of the probe allows to detect a problem visually. This diagnosis can show the status of the detections, the state of the LEDs and even freeze the last detected pin.

The probe diagnosis has a built-in feature to display information about the fixation pins with a single tap with the probe. Therefore, the images of pins, manuals, QR and anything else that can be shown for each pin facilitates the change of pin.

Process Statistics

An advanced system of process statistics synthesizes all process data in a series of graphs: Production report hour by hour, Process efficiency, Seconds by Harness, Summary of process stops, and other KPI indicators, like OEE, Quality, Availability, etc…

Clear graphics to indicate a bottleneck problem at any station or any harness defect that is repeated often, can be detected quickly and act accordingly.
The goal is to facilitate the detection of problems in its beginnings, in order to increase production and reduce rework.